Why Buy From RMR???
Every System Includes the following!!!
RMR Computers: Our Competitors:
Enlight - InWin - Acer - Antec - Apex - Ahanix - Raidmax - Deluxe ATX, mATX, DeskTop Cases... Most use lesser quality cases or install no-name power supplies...
Dual 80mm Case Fans or Large 120mm ...Some have up to 7 case fans... Very Important with newer, faster processors... Most cases have one or none!
Minimum...4 USB Ports, most w/2 front & 4 rear. Be sure to check this one when comparing $
PS/2 Multimedia Keyboard w/Hot Keys Compare Quality
Optical Scroll Mouse - PS-2 or USB Basic Mouse
1.44 MB Floppy Drive...3.5" Many offer a Floppy Drive @ an additional cost...
Harmon Kardon Stereo Stereo Speakers...unless otherwise specified. Come in and hear the difference!!
Supra 56K PCI V.92 Modem w/voice & fax or 10/100 NIC Be sure you get V.92 and Fax.. many don't!
Acer 56X CD-Rom...optional when DVD or CDRW drives are included in Ad... Slower drives...less cache
All Custom Systems Include Anti-Virus Protection Software...
MS Windows Millennium Edition, XP Home or XP Pro Operating Systems The Real Thing!! No Short Cuts
Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity The Real Thing!! No Short Cuts
3 Year Limited Parts and 2 Year Labor Warranty on Custom Systems Unlikely!!!
Extensive Burn-in Test Unlikely!!!
Name Brand Components selected for extreme performance, longest warranty and maximum compatibility... If you can't see it, they use the least expensive parts they can find! Close-outs! Limited warranties! Limited performance...No-Name Brand...
Manufacturers Warranties ... Unlikely on all components...
Come Look INSIDE! See the quality! Sit down and see the speed! Our systems are designed with components that deliver performance. They want you to focus on the OUTSIDE!!